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Competitive Intelligence for your industry.

Hand Designing Competitive Intelligence
optimize the performance of your online business
We provide
competitive intelligence.
You make
better decisions. faster.
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Competitive Intelligence: Organic & Paid Visibility Matrix
Detect the search marketing strategy applied by your competitors and...
Take the lead.
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The only holistic market
analysis for search marketing performance.
Competitive Intelligence: Holistic Share of Search
Competitive Intelligence: Winners & Losers of Visibility
Be a winner.
Who is gaining visibility and who is
declining? Plan your next move
according to the current.

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Visibility Score
We combine advanced mathematics with human search behavior to deliver the
best-in-class Visibility Score.
Visibility Score
Customized Competitive Intelligence by brand, location or product
InsideIndustry Premium
Competitive intelligence in any market and industry.
Use it for :
  • Optimization of your best performing products.
  • Keeping a close eye on your brands.
  • Following your local presence.
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Jacob Hagemann presents Competitive Intelligence
jacob hagemann
Founder - Hoosh Technology SA
Jacob Hagemann presents Competitive Intelligence

Welcome to InsideIndustry, the intelligence platform that could potentially change the way we do market research and competitive analysis.

Competitive intelligence and market research should be easy to access and available to decision makers now, not weeks, months or even years from now as is the case with most industry research. With InsideIndustry we offer up-to-date insights into your specific market and give you the opportunity to optimize your online business accordingly.

Experience the full potential of InsideIndustry by customizing with the most important keywords and competitors connected to your online business.      

I hope you will enjoy it and we look forward to providing you more and better features in the future. The roadmap is ambitious and we just got started.

The NAKED truth
We do not deliver opinions, just meaningful numbers
Hoosh Technology SA
Viale Cassarate 6
6900 Lugano

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